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Our Goal: To provide help to more than 10 million people by becoming healthy losing weight!

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 * After many attempts to lose weight, I started a new program at BioNutrition Florida and I lost 90 lbs. My life changed, I feel better, with health and energy, Dr. Wendy Chinchilla always supported me in the program to achieve the success that I could achieve.

Giovanni Granati


* Five years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. 

After the treatment / program, all my blood levels are finally back to normal and I also lost 83 pounds! 

Liliana Umaña


* I lost 21 pounds!, I didn't feel much hunger throughout the program. I have much more energy. I feel like a different, more healthy person!

Sandra Aljure


* After several unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, BioNutrition Florida came into the picture and I was able to lose 46 pounds. Now I feel like a new person!

Maria Sanchez


* I've tried many things but nothing was working for 10 whole years. After completing the Program, I lost 28 pounds and am now happy with my new image!

Julissa Rodriguez


* I never was able to complete diets because I would bore myself eating the same thing. Dr. Wendy Chinchilla was able to assist me throughout the entire program. My entire attitude was changed and with the help of BioNutrition Florida, I lost 30 pounds and I feel much better! 

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* The results may vary according to each person.

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About Dr. Wendy Chinchilla



Her training is based from her degree of surgeon and physician with Master (MD) 

in Clinical Nutrition at Atlantic University, United States. Obesity experience, endorsed by the Pan American Health Organization.

 SCOPE COBELAT, ASEO and FLASSO. Natural Medicine in Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology of Havana, Cuba. Life Coach PNL University, United States. Member of the Nutrition Association of America. Member of FLASSO (Latin American Federation of Obesity Societies). University Professor of the Scientific Research Unit. International lecturer of Medical Research Laboratories. Medical Director for the Cellular Medicine of Nutritionist. Representative for the Hillroy Laboratories in Spain and America Continent with more than 20 years at experience as a Nutritionist, Director at Medical Programs, collaborator of segments for Nutrition for the Television Channels in the United States consisting at: Univision, Telemundo, America TEVE, Mega TV, Tele Miami, Channel 17 WLRM, with training in the production of health programs on Washington D.C.'s ABC Channel. Author of various articles of Health on Magazines and Newspapers. Commercials between TV Shows and Soap Operas. Currently the Medical Director at BioNutrition Florida.



Personal Consultations

- You will have the opportunity to have your consultation and follow up with an Expert in Nutrition, Dr. Wendy Chinchillla, that has over 20 years of Experience in Patients with Obesity.



Program Bonuses

- Rewards for Referrals.

- Acknowledgments at the end of the Program.

BioNutrition Florida

What does the Program Consist of ?


It is Surprisingly Simple Since we investigate the cause of why your Metabolism does not function properly and what Nutritional needs your body has. Just like thoughts, feelings are impeding you to have the “ Health and Weight that YOU DESERVE ”.

We are Based on an  "ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY THAT'S COMPUTERIZED" as well as Powerful Techniques to Break any Mental Barrier to them be able to put at your disposal the tools needed to meet your GOAL. Everything is based on Organic Nutrients and Personal Foods are taken into account your Metabolic Preferences. WE DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICAL MEDICATIONS. “YOU CAN LOSE FROM 15 POUNDS TO 55 POUNDS”.

It does not matter how many DIETS you have attempted, your age, sex, non pre-existing illnesses; Your Mind Unconsciously has Programed a complete scheme for your general health. We here at BioNutrition Florida assist you in reprogramming and detoxifying your mind and body to obtain the weight and health adequately. 

We know that it does not sound fair, it may even sound a little cruel, but hidden deep in your unconscious mind you already have the destiny and limits programmed for the level of success in  “Your Life and Your Health”. 

This Program can direct your relationships, prosperity and health. Also your weight has a great influence on the programming of your children and loved ones. 

Benefits of the Program

Conscious Feeding


Like a computer to which programs are introduced, our brain has stored patterns of behaviors inherited and learned in childhood, which has led you to have expressions "Rooting from anxiety, causing you to eat sweets".

These thoughts shall be replaced by commands that will take you to have true health and a healthy weight.



The Body creates Fat as a Defense Mechanism, as long as you do not eliminate everything stored in the FAT.

"The Body does not burn with DIET or EXERCISE". In BioNutrition Florida, we have a Technology that will discover the causes that cause the increase of FAT, and by means of TOTALLY ORGANIC NUTRIENTS, we will help you eliminate them.

Personal Foods and Nutrients


No matter how healthy a food is, we all can not metabolize it in the same way; so at BioNutrition Florida we will investigate that foods you can process so that they do not accumulate in the form of FAT, as well as supplying all your Nutritional needs such as Vitamins, Amino Acids, Proteins, etc.


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